Be a Smart Fashion-lover with Us

Be a Smart Fashion-lover with Us

“What is the current trend for this season?” “What are those models wearing on the runways?” “Where do I get those items those celebs wear?” “Is this scarf still on point to wear even around this time of year?” “What is fashion anyway?”

Those are the sort of questions you can find the answer to by visiting We are a one-stop source of information for everything fashion. From its history, development, and day to day application, fashion becomes our one true focus that is sure to satisfy your needs and wants. These are how our blog helps you:

1. We provide extensive articles about fashion; from basic things to advanced ones, nothing escapes our eyes as we thrive to become your very best friend.

2. We talk about the season’s highlight. What to wear, what not to wear, what should be combined together, everything about what becomes the talk of the mouth during the season will be discussed thoroughly.

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3. We offer you a chance to mix and match your style. Seasons may come and go but that does not mean what was the hype during last summer cannot be implemented as a part of your next year’s getups.

4. We do our best to show you how to become a smart fashion-lover. You with may have all the money in the world but that is not an excuse for you to buy something you do not even wear. Being smart on how you spend your hard-earned cash is equally fashionable as choosing a branded fashion item.

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With all of these things offered to you, it is expected that you can impress your foes and please your friends just by a simple act of reading what has in store for you. Come visit us today and let the fashion-self inside you come out.

Tips on How to Combine Your Wedges and Clothes
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Tips on How to Combine Your Wedges and Clothes

Wedges can be considered a popular types of shoes among women. Combining wedges with your clothes will definitely give an immediate outfit updater. Wearing wedges stylishly is not that hard. It is also a recommended alternative for those who dislike stilettos. Having a great knowledge on how to wear your wedges could enhance your fashion greatly. This article will give several recommendation on how to combine your wedges and apparels.
You can read several suggestions on how to wear your wedges on the following list below:
With dresses: combining wedges with dresses could mean picking between directional, contemporary, vintage, or classic designs. You can pick the style of your wedge shoes that matches the finest with your clothes. Wearing wedge shoes with dresses is always a matter of personal style. It really helps you boost your personality. This type of shoe looks great on both short and long dresses, as long as it represent your personality.
With skirts: flowing and fuller skirts definitely look way better if you combine it with wedges. This type of shoe can appear pretty chunky, so matching them with bodycon bottoms or pencil skirts will give a clunky and unflattering look. Avoid wearing anything that is too form fitting.
With jeans: jeans are definitely a classic choice when it comes to wearing wedges. Skinny jeans can be considered one among the best choice when it comes to showing off the wedges. However, if you are wearing flared jeans or bootleg, it is important to ensure that the hem will covers most parts of the wedges to create a great streamlined silhouette.
During summer: espadrilles or wedge sandals can give a playful appearance during summer season. Strappy styles and open toes are the best option to let your feet breathe in the hot air. You can mix and match freely as most wedges look great with summer apparels, such as dresses and preppy shorts.
During winter: you can also wear wedges during winter by matching it with layered knits, shift dresses, and tights for a casual look. Choosing a boot with knee-high style that has wedge heels will give your entire look an extra edge.
The list above already described some of the tips on how to mix and match your wedges with your apparels. Unleash you creativity with by combining the wedges with various style that represent your quirk, and you will definitely steal the looks! That is also needed by players.

When Fashion and Science Collide
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When Fashion and Science Collide

On face value, fashion and science is about as different as water and oil. The two rarely mix, if not never. Fashion is all about what we, as humans, wear—either for the sake of the purpose or for gaining self-value. Science, on the other side of the spectrum, concerns about advancing technology for a better future, among other things. Just by observing these two premises, attempting to establish a point of convergence where fashion and science become one inseparable entity is a fruitless endeavor.

The two function practically at their own polarity. But with the emergence of wearable technologies, fashion has been incorporated as an integral part to make said technologies not only effective and efficient but also fashionable. Attempts at unification of fashion, design, engineering, and science have been made to synchronize all the involved components.

In a way, humans today are looking to find a way to redesign fashion using science on a more fundamental level. As a matter of fact, such attempts extend beyond application to the thing that first pops up to mind when talking about wearable technologies: camera/glasses hybrid. Admitted or not, wearable camera in the form of eyeglasses (such as Google Glass) is the first image you can imagine about wearable technologies. But to be fair, science and technology are not only applicable to glasses. And to be honest, this type of application more often than not fails to meet the esthetic requirement of what fashion world dictates.

Conjoining different experts in different areas is the key to achieving a successful merger of science and fashion. Efforts to deviate from typical science application to the world of fashion have also been made. Take a look at a wearable solar dress as designed by Pauline van Dongen. The Dutch fashion designer is renowned for her efforts in the field of wearable technologies.

The project she embarks on with Christiaan Holland seeks to embed solar cells on a piece of garment to be worn closer to the body of a wearer. The solar energy gathered by the cells can be harnessed by the body to turn it into a walking electrical power source. The project first used a coat of wool and leather that is embedded with 48 rigid-type solar cells and a dress of leather and wool that incorporated 72 flexible-type solar cells. Both types of garment allow their wearer to reveal the solar cells to expose them to sunlight. When not needed, the solar cells can be tucked away.

An hour of exposure to sunlight enables the solar cells to recharge standard smartphone up to 50%. The wearable solar cells concept is an evidence of how several experts working together toward creating fashionable technologies can come up with an interesting design.

Suzanne Lee is another pioneer in wearable technologies. She comes up with a project that, in essence, makes it possible to grow a dress with help from bacteria. Another example is Donna Franklin of Edith Cowan University who in 2003 tried to observe the role fungi hold in staining fabrics.

Fashion: A Culture and A Religion
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Fashion: A Culture and A Religion

Likewise, fashion is significant in culture and religions. It also can be said that it is the basic form of lifestyle and religion. Maybe you are so curious that you want to ask “how”? How is something so shallow as style imperative to any religion or lifestyle? However, while you try to look, style is wherever in religions and societies.

For instance a lot of member are Muslim young ladies that cover their appearances with headscarves. That may truly be ordered as a “style declaration,” since it’s miles taking the way which you get dressed and its utilization for a reason. On the off chance that people had been to get wearing articles of clothing from their confidence more noteworthy every now and again it could likely make more powerful religion in confidence and fewer individuals feeling like it’s far unusual to wear such things as that.

It would make more powerful beliefs on the grounds that if individuals had been to dress in advance with their religion it would be a step by step update in their religion. What’s more, as you have most likely watched people tend to do what they see others doing. So, this can catch on pretty effortlessly. It may indicate adolescents that it’s miles alright to be unmistakable from every other person. On the chance that a gaggle of their companions has a couple of sort of religious clothing object and wore it then the tyke could most extremely plausible accept that in the event that it has been alright for his buddy to be extraordinary than it’s far alright for him to be restrictive as pleasantly.

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It can pretty make people additional keen on different societies. In the event that a man saw a bit of composing of dress that one character moved toward becoming conveying and thought that it was exciting than that character may need to do a lump of research on that way of life and discover what it progresses toward becoming for. Next, when fashion has been known as the basic in the subculture, it isn’t simply suggesting a subculture only from one country, such as the magnificent United States of America. Almost in all kind of society, sooner than young ladies worked there weren’t many ladies’ dress fits.

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Most extreme of the clothing for young ladies has changed generously in view of the callings that a couple of young ladies select as of late. Most extreme young ladies’ attire way back while was quite recently fit for living arrangement canvases, basic need purchasing, or caring for kids. Since a few young ladies’ work, additional articles of clothing have changed to lead them to more prominent expert looking and to make it less demanding for them to work in.

In conclusion, fashion is fundamental because of the reality it could make you more innovative, it’s far basic in lifestyle and confidence, and it shows up and feels more noteworthy master. There are numerous intentions why this is a totally legitimate factor. Let’s be honest, regardless of your questions, the way you wear your clothes is imperative in life.


Fashion is Essential in Life
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Fashion is Essential in Life

What do you know about fashion? While you focus on that word, you can relate it with ditsy supermodels that strut round in thousand greenback call logo bits of texture. On the other hand, you may consider many well-known films which eventually bought that theme. However, what you most likely don’t think about is a work of art, a calling, a zest, or a lifestyle. It also can be said as a style. Style can offer innovativeness, that it’s miles extremely crucial in custom, society, and religion, and it can bode well more expert.

Above all else, fashion and can make you additional imaginative to your consistent life. You may think about how it could more than likely to enhance somebody’s imagination. Be that as it may, in the event that you clearly think of it as, while you are getting dressed inside the morning what is experiencing your considerations? Notwithstanding what it will be it is perhaps really imaginative and you are most likely situated a couple of thought into it.

On the off chance, you are endeavoring to seem like the most acclaimed youths in your school or on the off chance that you are attempting to resemble your most loved celeb. Presently, we were more prominent imaginative with the entire thing that we do alongside the way that we get dressed it could make us additional inventive in staff or canvases. What people have found is that people sense uncommonly fulfilled when they devise something that they like lastly winds up an accomplishment. As an occurrence, if a man progressed toward becoming getting dressed and that they chose to put on an outfit that they had not the slightest bit worn sooner than and those complimented them on it they may be happy and fearless.

Essential in Life

When individuals recall the way that your garments appear to be unique from various individuals’, they begin to delight in seeking exceptional and additionally having a “mark” form they’ll wind uploads significantly less worried about how appear and won’t feel all in all part worry to appear like every individual else. That is way, it’s going to likewise genuinely give individuals various self-esteem, which is persistently a wonderful component. For those, it’s not only a simple unjustified thought, but all processes above prove that the way you wear your clothes can advance imagination in ordinary life.

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Not only that, even the slightest amount of fashion could influence you to look and experience things in the more professional way. In case you are brandishing something that influences you to look more prominent expert to a prospective employee meeting they will probably consider you as an important thing and consider you for the activity. In the event that individuals see you and think which you are master, pleasantly put away, and plan that they’re significantly more liable to be wonderful to you. While somebody considers uncommonly on you, then you may know you’re not that extraordinary of somebody. You will also feel better about yourself and sense like you’re master; hence you will do higher for your artistic creations.


Knowing More About Fashion
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Knowing More About Fashion

Fashion is a well-known style or practice, particularly in clothing, shoes, additional items, cosmetics, or casing. It is a remarkable and routinely steady mold inside the style wherein a man clothing. It’s far the predominant examples in conduct and the most present-day manifestations of material designers.

Because of the reality, the more specialized term dress is regularly identified with the day and age, utilizing the past has been consigned to critical faculties like favor dress or disguise put on in the meantime as “mold” more often than not way attire, including the observation of it. In spite of the fact that variables of mold can be female or manly, a few qualities are androgynous.

According to our blog the 4 foremost current fashion capitals are specified to be New York City, United States of America; Milan, Italy; Paris, France; and London, United Kingdom. All of them are all home office to the best form partnerships and are famous for his or her fundamental effect on overall design. Style weeks are held in these towns, in which creators flaunt their new attire accumulations to gatherings of people.

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A progression of fundamental comprehensive planners has kept Paris as the middle greatest viewed by means of the unwinding of the world, in spite of the way that high design is presently financed with the guide of the offer of arranged to-wear accumulations and fragrance the utilization of the equivalent marking. Present day, Westerners have a broad scope of picks accessible inside the choice in their garments. What somebody wears can mirror his or her persona or interests.

While people who’ve unnecessary social notoriety start to put on new or uncommon garments, a style pattern can likewise start. Individuals who like or regard those people develop to be propelled with the guide of their own mold and start wearing likewise styled garments. Styles may moreover run radically inside a general public reliable with age, social grandness, period, profession, and topography and may likewise differ throughout the years.

In the event that a more seasoned character garments in accordance with the style youthful people utilize, she or he can likewise appearance crazy according to each more youthful and more established individual. The expressions fashionista and style casualty look for guidance from a man who carelessly takes after contemporary models. No wonder, it is important to respect the machine of conveying assorted models as a style dialect joining various design proclamations the utilization of a sentence structure of support.

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As of late, the Asian form has ended up being progressively more tremendous in adjacent and overall markets. Countries including Japan, China, India, South Korea and Pakistan have verifiably had substantial material enterprises, that have as often as possible be drawn upon through western architects, however, now Asian apparel styles are additionally picking up affect basically in view of their own special considerations.

For you who have taken a liking in Asian culture, then it would be great if you also try their kind of fashion. All of them is beautiful so you will never be disregarded even though you do not wear the modern and sophisticated look like any Westerner did.

2017 Fashion Trends
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2017 Fashion Trends